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Sep 30, 2013 7:00pm PDT
continent should be worried about the crisis in italy. prolonged wrangling, snap elections casting doubt over that country's brittle recovery. we will look at dysfunctional politics in italy and beyond. we will also be checking in with james in our media watch segment. in our newsroom, let's say hello once again to calire. >> these are the headlines. washington marches towards its first federal shutdown in 17 years. if there is no deal on the budget before midnight, 700,000 staff could be sent home. say some prayers for italy, the words of italy's prime minister, enrico letta, as he battles to save his coalition. turkey announces major political reforms in keeping the peace process with the kurds on the road. they include changes to the electoral system. first, to the u.s., where barack obama says he is not at all resigned to a government shutdown. this as democrats and republican lawmakers fail to agree on a new budget. that means that at midnight, the government might have to close all nonessential federal services. with more on the potential impact of the government shutdown, here is
Sep 30, 2013 6:00pm PDT
president obama was first elected in 2008, he, of course, came to washington with something every president wants, a house and a senate controlled by his own party. and in the two years where the democrats had the white house, the house and the senate, we got wall street reform, student loan reform, credit card reform, health care reform, obviously, the fair pay act, expanding of the gi bill, they reauthorized the children's health insurance program, expanded national service programs, they fixed the disparity between crack and powdered cocaine, we got the hate crimes act, the s.t.a.r.t. treaty between us and russia on nuclear weapons. they repealed don't ask, don't tell, they did the cash for clunkers, the stimulus, which included the greatest middle class tax cuts ever. that was all done by the congress elected at the same time as president obama in 2008. they were elected in november of 2008. they were sworn in in january of 2009, and in the next two years, they got all of those things done. then the republicans did really well in the midterms, and the republicans took control
Al Jazeera America
Oct 1, 2013 5:00am EDT
a result of the fact that the u.s. congress elected to represent the people and was unable to continue to make sure the government designed to serve the people will remain open. there is already very strong feelings towards this congress, most polls showing there is a less than 10% approval rating for the u.s. congress when americans discover that the fact of the government shut down, the partial government shut down has not been averted and expect the numbers to go even lower in terms of approval rating. >> reporter: and japan prime minister is announcing a controversial measure to revitalize the economy, a sales tax hike from 5-8% is expected to increase prices in the shops, that is the japanese prime minister talking live right now and also an attempt to reduce the country's huge debt burden which is fueled by looking after an and expanding elderly population. and wayne hey joins me now from tokyo and what do people say about the effect it could have on the economy? >> well, i think there is an air of inevitability really that something has to be done to get the economy bac
Al Jazeera America
Oct 1, 2013 3:00am EDT
right now as a result the fact that the u.s. congress elected to represent the people was unable to continue to make sure that the government designed to serve the people will remain open. there are strong feelings twortd towards this congress. most polls show ther there is ls than a 10% approval rating. when ththe government shutdown t been averted expect those numbers to go lower in approval rating. >>> more than what a partial government shutdown will mean. unions say up to one million u.s. federal employees could lose pay from staffers in the white house to those work for the irs. the parks alone will lose $30 million a day according to a watchdog. there won't be a major economic crisis while the shutdown costs taxpayers in the long term. standard and poors says they won't be lower. millions won't lose pay including u.s. troops whose americmeasures are signed by prt obama. >>> afternooafter the governmend to pass the budget. the leaders dodged questions about those that would lose some pay. >> later today 800,000 federal workers will receive notic notis they are no longer needed
Sep 27, 2013 6:30pm PDT
headquarters for us in berlin. good evening to you. it has been almost a week since the election. why do you think it has taken peer steinbrueck so long to let the country know that he is basically done with frontline politics? >> well, the social democrats in germany are still in a state of shock after that election result on sunday. they were given their second worst election result in the party's history, so i think it takes a bit to digest what they have come up against over the past several months. that election defeat for them was really extremely bitter, so i think peer steinbrueck had to first come to terms with what has happened. he has been consulting, of course, with other party leaders and thinking about his future. we knew before the election that he would not participate as a cabinet member in any government led by chancellor merkel. he made that clear before the election, so the statement today about not being willing to take over any other leadership positions in the party is consistent also with that. he will be a representative in the bundestag. he did win a seat in par
Al Jazeera America
Oct 6, 2013 3:00am EDT
afghanistan. the last day for candidates to register for the presidential election. >>> but first u.s. special forces have capturedde capturedd al qaeda figure who has been on the run for 15 years. anas a al-liby was captured in tripoli. he was believed to be responsible for the u.s. attacks in tan z tanzania an and libya. we have more from the operation in washington. >> the u.s. government has wanted anas al bi al libya for g time. he is a aexcuse accused of the n 197. 1978. he was on the ru when forces swooped down on him and took him away. mr. a al-liby had a bounty on hs head and because who is now president, he is probably going to be tried in u.s. federal court most likely in new york city where the indictment was handed down against him. that is because many of the counter terrorism cases in the edmonton are triein theunited sw york courts. it's not clear if he is on his way to the united states but all reports indicate that mr. a mr. al-liby is alive and if he has valuable information the u.s. wants to get it. >> the u.s. has carried out an operation against al shabab fighter
Sep 30, 2013 5:30am PDT
. the objective of the crisis meeting is the formation of a new coalition without calling elections. giorgio napolitano is the man charged with the task of ending the political instability in the country. his first choice is to form a government from the parliament already in place. that government came tumbling down on saturday when five ministers from berlusconi's party resigned. berlusconi urged them to pull their support if the government did not carry through on the plan for tax hikes. he then called for new elections. i think there is no other way than to go ahead with elections and do it with conviction as soon as possible. >> meanwhile, napolitano remained reluctant to dissolve parliament. >> they both said they do not want early elections. they both and other people have said italy needs a budget and a new election law at least. >> on the street, there was little sympathy for the politicians. >> it is hard to believe italians who cannot find a job have to worry about the problems of just one single person, berlusconi. >> italy's quest for stability is not just political. th
Sep 28, 2013 5:00am EDT
of congress are not responding to the national election of last fall but to the election of their own districts. a strong majority of the districts voted against barack obama in november even as the overall population voted for him. this i believe is the cruel arithmetic that divides american politics. while the big cities have given the majority of the mandate the district by district vote in the suburbs and rural areas given the republicans their mandate to vote against obama and the health care act that will join him in the history books. i make one prediction tonight and even this is based on a hypothetical. if president obama agrees to any cut in the affordable care act, he will be rebuked as no president has before. the irony is that those on the right are asking him to end this political life by his own hand. i don't believe they've figured out the end game of what they have done here. the only thing we can predict is that the government will be shut down on monday night at midnight. that will not be the end of it, but the beginning of it. an episode in american history that wi
Oct 5, 2013 5:00am PDT
. remember for the ones elected in 2010, this is the first time they've ever confronted the debt ceiling. they just held the president up over it and got away with it. theying in is what they get to do every time the debt ceiling comes up. that's the backdrop for what's happening right now. this morning, we're entering the fifth day the first government shutdown in nearly 18 years. it happened because john boehner's house republicans kept taking, kept passing measures that would fund the government and attaching to them provisions that would gut president obama's signature achievement, it's the health care law. obama called their bluff so here we are. there is another dead lean coming up. it's coming up fast, that itself the debt ceiling dead leans, now, less than two weeks away. this time the president is in no mood for negotiating, do your job, raise the debt ceiling, he is telling republican, then we can talk about whatever you want. to republicans in the house, especially the tea party republicans so central to everything that's happened these past years, they are still actin
Oct 3, 2013 4:00am EDT
of archaic, what boehner was before was an institutionalist, he was first elected to congress in 1990 and has been there ever since. he has risen through the ranks, climbed back, fallen again, and finally reached the top. when he got there, the problem is he is exactly the sort of republican politician, a d.c. lifer and d.c. insider that fuelled the tea party's rise to begin with. that is the best way to understand what the tea party actually is. it is a movement that is fighting a two-front war, one front is the all-out partisan war on obama and the democrats we all know about. but the other front is essentially a purge within the republican party, against not just ideological inpureties, and the people who liked john boehner, long before he was speaking bringing big government policies like "no child left behind." but in the right place and the right time from 2010, from the minute he took that gavel, he has become an extremely weak speaker. we have known this the whole time. he has always been just one false move away a from being the next tea party victim. what we didn't know
Oct 1, 2013 9:00pm PDT
district, but for these guys' disabilities it's less than 10%. president obama won the last election by millions of votes but not in these guys' districts. in these guys' districts, president obama lost by an average of 23 points. republicans in the states have gerrymandered these districts so that they are essentially pure republican. in order to get them that way and keep them that way, they have to keep making them whiter and whiter and whiter. if they could make them more male, i'm sure they would do that, too. white works for now. lower education levels work and they have to be rural in order to create districts that safe for these guys. republicans have had to create districts for themselves that are less and less diverse over time, even as the rest of the country gets more diverse. crunching the numbers, he found "these 80 members represented an america where the population is getting whiter, where there are few major cities where obama lost the election in a landslide and where the republicans party is becoming more dominant and more popular." in the rest of the country, in our
Oct 2, 2013 1:00am EDT
, was elected on, his opponent ran against, american people didn't vote for his opponent and it's been signed off by the supreme court. so why should he now leave that up to negotiation? >> well, he was an adjunct constitutional law professor at the university of chicago. i'd say the answer to that question is article one of the constitution. the legislative branch. it's a paramount branch of government. it's set up to be the responsive branch from the people. there was a wave election -- >> didn't the people speak in presidential elections twice and elected him? >> yes. and the president's job is not to pass legislation, his job is to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. instead, he has amended this law a number of times unconstitutionally in my opinion. >> the supreme court said that it passed constitutional muster. >> the supreme court did. no one predicted that decision, by the way, and that's something that's a long discussion on where that settles. >> what do you mean, the supreme court passed it. so that's the -- it's the law of the land. i don't get it. >> what
Oct 5, 2013 2:00am PDT
itself with glory this week. many of its elected representatives are not speaking to each other. 800,000 government employees have been sidelined without pay, shuttering museums, national parks and head start programs and an ambitious new national health care program was launched with great fanfare only to get bogged down in days of technical glisms. has your federal government gone permit innocently off the rails? here's what two house members had to say this week. >> i feel like i'm serving in the nation's largest kindergarten only we're in charge of the federal checkbook and the nuclear arsenal. we're all tired of the brinksmanship and showmanship and we want to get on with the business of governing. we have a responsibility to govern. we have to do better. gwen: the president today took a lunch-time stroll with vice president bide on the a pennsylvania avenue sandwich shop that's giving discounts to furloughed federal employees. >> this shutdown could be over today. we know there are the votes for it in the house of representatives. as i said yesterday, if speaker boehner will simply
Sep 30, 2013 11:30pm EDT
and a half of wrangling on the hill. we've been in a presidential election that was in part about the law well. had a supreme court case about the law. a major part of it is about to go into effect which is these exchanges are going open and people without insurance will start buying insurance plans on it and yet we still have congress fighting over whether it should be repealed or whether it should exist. and there are many people who continue to believe deeply it should be repeeled. it's really hard to see how the democrat goes along with that. what that does is it is as in the future if you don't like a law, even if it passed, survived a presidential election, the supreme court, you can threatone shut down the government in order to get rid of it. so it's really hard to see how the democrats agree to getting rid of this law. and at this point it's hard to see how republicans fold on their insis taens that it must be delayed. i think we are likely looking at at least a short shutdown. >> rose: that is an interesting question, what do yououhink in terms of time. >> i think it's h
Al Jazeera America
Sep 28, 2013 9:00am EDT
seats in last year's elections. the country is suffering high unemployment, a rate of 27%. opponents described anti-immigration policies as neo-nazis and says golden dawn islinged to 150 racial attacks. >> let's go to john psaropoulos for the latest developments in athens. it's strange that mps can be arrested. what happened to parliamentary privilege, john? >> there is parliamentary immunity, but it can be lifted by a vote of the body poll tick. it has been lifted and there has been precedence. there has been cases where mps asked for immunity, asylum, so charges could be cleared and rumours against them. in this case there'll be no hindrance to the police and the prosecutorial authorities to proceed with the charges because of the seriousness of them. they are criminal charges, and we don't yet know the full charge sheet. we know only that the main charge concerns participation in a criminal organization. the fact that the police force used its counterterrorism unit to investigate and prosecute the cases shows the seriousness with which the police are dealing with them. at the same
Sep 30, 2013 9:00pm EDT
? well, in 2011, the president was a year away from running for election, he likes to say these days i have run my last election. so it is possible the republicans have misread the president's intent to negotiation on this health care law. keep in mind, why would the president sign a law that delays or tinkers with the threat of a government shutdown? he says he is not going to do it. he says when all of this gets out of the way, he looks at the process. he has not said what he is willing to look at but is offering that as perhaps a tiny fig leaf to the republicans, but i really get the feeling the president is saying listen, to john boehner, the tea party republicans, if you want to go off the cliff, go right ahead. >> jim, let's go back to dana, back to you. >> reporter: well, if you take a look at the senate floor, piers, the senate is already voting to what we believe will be an ultimate rejection, they were ready to send the house bill on what they say was the bill, a non-starter. i covered this for along time, i don't remember the last time i saw a piece of legislation get from t
Sep 29, 2013 2:30pm PDT
told many to resign after -- try to trigger a -- an election. but he appeared to backpedal after some were told to quit the cabinet. they will levy a new coalition government or fresh elections. ordinary italians are angry and confused. now and it will be even more so when they call new elections because we will be the ones paying for it. from our own pockets. >> i don't know what napolitano and will do, but i hope they find a new majority to govern. theewspaper headlines that lehmann one man -- silvio arliss cody. he faces exposed -- expulsion from the senate after his conviction was upheld. members threatened to quit once the process started. were aboutdemocrats forming a coalition from the start. the mass resignation does not surprise them. clear how this abdication of responsibility should be interpreted. once again, the interests of the country are being subverted by the interest of one man. i almost expected it, but i didn't think they would be so irresponsible. >> the short-lived coalition between berlusconi's party in the social democrats has been marked by disagreement. after
Al Jazeera America
Oct 1, 2013 9:00am EDT
to show their support for the presidents. we're not going to talk about election, we're going to talk about weapons inspectors. what do we know so far about the inspectors that are -- [ technical difficulties ] >> well, we do know steven that the mission they are about to embark on is an unprecedented one according to officials at the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. we also know they are going to dismantel all chemical weapons stockpiles in a country where a civil war is still take place, and they are supposed to do that by 2014. we also understand in the next couple of days they are going to be sitting down and going through the inventory of chemical weapons provided by the syria government as well as the list of chemical weapons sites. but these remain undisclosed according to the agreement. then they are going to deploy to the field and begin work, and their first challenge, their first task which they have to embark on as soon as possible would be to dismantle and destroy the facilities where chemical weapons are produced and mixed. that's the first prio
Oct 5, 2013 6:00am EDT
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Sep 30, 2013 6:30pm PDT
. >> she won the election, but can she form of government? -- a government? >> and the intriguing film that takes us back a century into history and explores the meaning of home. america is facing the threat of a government shutdown that would keep federal workers at home and affect millions of people dependent on federal services and payments. >> there does not seem to be all that much hope right now. we will have more on that from our correspondent in just a moment. >> u.s. government offices not considered as essential to national security might be going dark in just about nine hours. >> deadlock in the u.s. capital of washington. neither party shows any sign of giving ground ahead of a looming government shutdown. most americans say they are tired of the political quarreling. 800,000 government jobs are on the line. >> we are here. a lot of us live paycheck to paycheck. we are concerned about it. what can you do? >> it is really scary. i am sorry for the federal worker to be penalized by people who cannot make up their minds in congress. >> publicans say they will not sign off on a
Sep 30, 2013 12:00am EDT
him in the last general election. they voted for change, but i don't believe they got the change they were looking for. next week you are going to see david cameron resuming his lap of honor for how brilliant he has done, laming credit for his enormous achievements, how he saved the economy. he will even be taking off his shirt and flinging it into the crowd, expecting adoration from the people. maybe i should promise if i become prime minister, i will not ache my shirt off in public. it's just not necessary, is it? i will try to keep us honest. [applause] back to david cameron, he is going on this lap of honor. george osborne as well. aren't they brilliant? come on, one million young people looking for work, more people working part-time who want full-time work. more people working longer, the lowest living standards since 1870. that is worthy of a lap of shame. [applause] he does have one record. he has been prime minister for 39 months, and in 38 of those months wages have risen more slowly than prices. that means your living standard is following year after year. you will be
Oct 1, 2013 12:00am EDT
was very obvious. it helped propel bill clinton to get re-elected in 1996. he was in deep trouble and his job approval numbers were not good, but coming out of those two government shutdowns, he went ahead and he never looked back. he beat bob dole in his bid to get re-elected. a lot of republicans including john boehner remember that, but there are plenty of them in congress who don't remember what happened then and are willing to fight this fight right now topher obama care. it's going to be a brutal fight. you know, there's other ways to fight this battle, but they're insisting on fighting it right now. i suspect though eventually, probably sooner rather than later, john boehner will find a way to get there be some sort of clean resolution without any springs attached that will allow the government to fund it and they can fight their battles over obama care elsewhere. >> live footage from the senate. i think that was chuck schumer i just saw speaking. let's see what's going on. >> but nothing we can do with this resolution. >> nothing we can doing >> until. >> they're over there no
Oct 4, 2013 9:00pm EDT
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Oct 4, 2013 6:00pm PDT
election that's happening in our country very soon that nobody's paying attention to because of the shutdown. and also, there's booze all ahead, all still to come. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year. lease this cadillac ats for around $299 per month with premium care maintenance included. cappuccino froth.... ...porch swing... downtown...'s all yours. you know its rhythm and blues. and it knows your deep secret: ...that even when your wandering heart takes off... never leaves home sweet home. there's a deep, rich, enduring color for everything. including where you come from. benjamin moore. for everything that matters. bedoes it end after you'vehing expanded your business?? after your company's gone public? and the capital's been invested? or when your company's bought another? is it over after you've given back? you never stop achieving. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always
FOX Business
Sep 29, 2013 9:00am EDT
taxes by itself. i'll tell you where you are right. this is why you didn't elect thpresident. oh, wait. yes, they did. he raised taxes on people going in tanning booths. you pay taxes if you go to indoor tanning booth. he cut the deduction. you have to hit a threshold of 10% of the adjusted gross income if you want to deduct your medical expenses over 7.5. other than that, there is nothing that he did in the aca that raises taxes on people below $250,000. >> david: okay, john, the fact is you look at the list of taxes that are going up and the amount of money hitting people over $250,000 or not, that is coming out of the private sector to pay for the public sector, something that the president said would pay for itself. >> i'm's inevitable. the man who promised to lower sea level and global temperatures for existing is now discovering that basic market forces are far more powerful than a community organizer. obama promised the nation cheap healthcare. but what we're realizing is that to get cheap healthcare it's very expensive. it will be delivered in a very poor way. >> david: b
Oct 2, 2013 12:00am EDT
election last november. you know, obama care, the affordable care act is the law. it's providing benefits to millions of americans. it's providing benefits to millions of americans. as you know today, a new phase opened where millions more will get those benefits. >> i'm not really disputing anything you said so i'm kind of on your side of this, but, and it's a big but, the government is shut down so at some point there has to be a form of negotiation, whatever form that takes. when i spoke to president bill clinton last week and former speaker newt gingrich, they both said when they went through the last shutdown, they talked every single day, wrestling with all the complexities of this kind of situation to try to get to a point of agreement. why is that not happening between the president and john boehner? >> well, first of all, as the president said he would, he spoke with the speaker of the house and said he would continue to have conversations with leaders in congress in the days ahead. what is fundamentally different about 1995 and 2013, and i remember because i was in this
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,432 (some duplicates have been removed)